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Find your power. Update your reel.


Los Angeles

April 4th


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Los Angeles


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Applicants must be 18+ with prior training, self-tape submission and interest in self-growth & spiritual approach to work.

Meditation. Music. Movement. Movie Magic.


A unique, spiritual experience for actors who write, who are moved by music and lyrics, resulting in organic, original scene clips, captured on camera and cultivated through a divine combination, of introspective journaling, mindful movement, improvisation and and collaboration.


Free your spirit.

Lose your mind.

Open your body.

Create new work.


Master teacher and director Brooke Procida provides a safe and sacred space for a limited number of quality artists to come together and create new, original, inspiring work. Whether you want to update your reel with current footage or explore a character and genre you're not normally cast as... The PCI EXPERIENCE is designed to ignite your creative flow by stimulating your body, mind and spirit.

Why is The PCI EXPERIENCE different than any other
acting class or spiritual journey?


Because it is unique and complete- it offers a balance between deep, self-exploration and collaborative improvisation through various mediums all while maintaining the objective of producing quality, end- results; tangible, marketable, useful reel clips. Tools for the industry based on your divine, incredible, impossible-to-re-create uniqueness.

 You will 

- Meditate and Move

- Journal and write creatively

- Partner and improv

- Develop characters

- Shoot scenes

- Walk away with footage.


You can expect to be moved by music, prompted by lyrics, challenged by partnering, captured by camera and celebrated by a community.