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STUDIO PCI is a holistic arts studio specializing in creating original, conscious content for educational,  professional and entertainment purposes. We run classes, workshops and performances  that encourage artists and audiences alike to dig a little deeper in order to grow as people and communities, creating work and experiences that challenge norms and create value in society.

holistic. adjective. ho·​lis·​tic hō-ˈlis-tik. : relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the individual parts. holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body.




BFA University of Southern California - Acting

MACCE Goldsmith’s University of London –

Creative & Cultural  Entrepreneurship: Performing Arts

LIHSA- Long Island High school for the Arts- Acting/Musical Theatre

Associated Studios London- Musical Theatre 

ITMI- Taoist Meditation Instructor


A multi-hyphenate creative, Brooke has been imagining, designing, developing, writing, composing,  directing, producing, performing, entertaining, marketing, selling, fundraising, collaborating, teaching, mentoring, researching, networking and serving for over 30 years.

As an actress and performer...

... Brooke spent the majority of her life in top-notch, dedicated training programs and was fortunate enough to be able to secure professional work and be successfully submerged in the entertainment business in both New York and Los Angeles as well as abroad in London.


Alongside performing in television, film, voiceover and on stage, Brooke carried a passion for teaching and mentoring born out of the knowledge and first-hand experience that we learn most when we are giving back and that true happiness and value lay not in being clapped for but in being of service and applauding others, while continuing to foster and develop our own gifts.


With this passion for collaboration and mentorship, Brooke created Studio PCI, a training program born out of her graduate thesis studies which aimed to arm developing artists with the capacity to care for themselves holistically while creating steady streams of sustainable income in order to bolster their creative endeavors. And thus, the PCI slogan…Always Hungry, Never Starving…was born. 


As a coach, mentor and teacher, Brooke has had the pleasure of instilling this passion in countless other artists…actors, singers, musicians, creators, influencers…inspiring them to create work for themselves and build personal brands based on health, happiness, fine-tuned talent and value-driven content.


Studio PCI has served individuals, communities and organizations internationally and Miss Procida takes great joy in continuing to be an outside-the-box thinker, leading others to follow their own unique, inspired paths, particularly in the face of personal hardship, cultural adversity and societal expectations.


Great change and great art come from the willingness to dare, and being grounded in who we truly are gives us the foundation we need in order to jump.

Great training prepares us not only to fly, but how to re-establish balance and rise up, if and when we falter.


PCI: Health, Wealth, Art

Sustainable Creativity

Brooke Procida




The Sopranos; HBO / Family Matters; Warner ABC / Archibald’s next Big Thing; Dreamworks / As the World Turns; CBS / Sidewalks of New York; Ed Burns / Big; Penny Marshal / Various Indie and Short Films/ National Commercials and Voiceover / Various Regional, Equity, Off Bway Theatre



Lori, Lori What’s the Story?: National touring musical sponsored by TARGET

Lymelight Journey: Narrative/documentary hybrid with live show component

PCI’s Broadway, Next Generation: Carnegie Hall annual, original emerging artist showcase

Reddi High: Full length, Off-Broadway musical written with Ted Arthur

Sally Sing String: Full length, original, Off-Broadway play with music



The Experience: Brand development and content creation for actor/creators

The Writer’s Room: Content, plot, script and dialogue development for actors who write

Creative Songwriting and Composition

Vocal Master Class and Audition Technique

Acting for TV and Film

Theatre Games and Improv



@lukeislam: Actor/Singer/Producer

@haydenyezak: Influencer/Actor/ Content Creator

@Jadenbarba: Influencer/Dancer/Content Creator

@shelbywulfert: Actor/Writer/Creator

@Autumnraeshannon: Actor/Songwriter

@jilliansteele: Singer/Songwriter

@kennedymonique: Actor/Singer/Songwriter/Influencer

@AylaSchwartz: Actor/Singer

@bradywagner: Actor/Singer

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