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STUDIO PCI is a holistic arts studio specializing in creating original, conscious content for educational,  professional and entertainment purposes. We run classes, workshops and performances  that encourage artists and audiences alike to dig a little deeper in order to grow as people and communities, creating work and experiences that challenge norms and create value in society.

holistic. adjective. ho·​lis·​tic hō-ˈlis-tik. : relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the individual parts. holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body.



Brooke is an actress, singer, songwriter, creator, producer, director, photographer, teacher and mentor.

She has been a source of guidance for families and children for over 25 years and takes pride in helping young artists to hone their craft and find healthy, sustainable ways of pursuing their dreams

As an actress, Brooke has played guest star roles on several network television shows as well as cable and streaming platforms and can also often be found in the VoiceOver booth, creating character voices or narrating.

A singer, songwriter and recording artist, Brooke has been writing since the age of 5 and had the pleasure of performing as an opening act for Sting in New York City


The owner and director of Studio PCI, Brooke has been creating original work with tweens, teens and adults for decades, giving artists a place to create, workshop perform and network. PCI's many original shows have been seen Off-broadway and at Carnegie Hall as well as abroad in London, giving many students their jumping off point.

Miss Procida has coached students onto Broadway, into television and film and throughout the Live production process of America's Got Talent and The Voice.

After healing from 30 years of undiagnosed Lyme disease, Brooke also decided to create a documentary about her journey with the intention of helping other people to find answers and heal.

Brooke believes that creating is a collaborative and healing process and that by working with others through music, drama and laughter, we can heal ourselves and our communities.

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