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TUNE IN THURSDAY DECEMBER 12th 8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific Time

FACEBOOK LIVE: Brooke Procida

Join your hosts, Brooke Procida and Luke Islam, as they reunite with some of Studio PCI's greatest

voices of all time in a one-night only holiday fundraiser for


a 501C3 dedicated to helping find "forever homes"  for teens and young adults who would otherwise place out of the foster system and be on their own.

PCI All Star Holiday Concert Benefit 201


All previous PCI performers are welcome to submit to be a part of the online concert fund raiser!



1- Have a Facebook account that they can log onto for us to virtually bring you into the Facebook live

2- Have a Holiday backdrop/background to sing in front of…whether its lights or garland or a tree or a menorah….or anything creative!

3- Be capable of shooting video with the following- a tripod or steady camera, good lighting and a secondary sound source to play a track.

4- Be available THURSDAY DECEMBER 12th between 8PM and 930PM eastern time. 



1- TEXT Studio PCI at 917-861-8176



2- TEXT A VERY SHORT VIDEO, UNDER 30 SECONDS, of you singing a piece of one of your song choices. We want to see 1) Good Lighting, 2) Sturdy Camera (in a tripod or propped up well 3) Your background/scenery 4) Your track and vocal quality/balance. This means you need a SECOND source to play a karaoke track from….its great to use an external speaker or the TV.


Don’t let this part scare you! You can prop your phone up on chairs and a bunch of boxes if you don’t have a tripod. You can grab a flood light from your garage or just be in a really well lit room! During the actual live show we will keep it fun and casual and you dont have to be perfect…if you’ve worked with us before, we know you’re good! We want this to be fun.



Submissions are due December 7th by 8PM Eastern time. 

Performers will be announced Sunday December 8th via email and Facebook


3- The top 10 performers will receive a 5 minute time slot to perform their song and help us raise money for teens and youth still waiting to find their forever families. 




Can I audition with a friend or a group?

Yes you can! As long as you are ALL available and in the same place on the 12th.

Can I sing to a live piano or band?


Can I accompany myself on guitar/ukulele or piano?


Can I use a mic and or an amp and or a PA system?

Yes- the better your sound the better it will be!

Can I sing a capella?

Yes you can but just know we won’t have more than one a capella performer.

Can I submit a video to be played on the 12th?

No- all singers will perform LIVE in order to help raise money

Can I have a friend or sibling/parent hold the camera?

We welcome hand held videos if they are shot interestingly with cool angles…be artistic!  But keep the lighting and sound in mind.

What do I wear?

Please look nice! No ripped clothing, midriff shirts or anything with logos. Dress for the season and in the style of your song. So if you’re singing a Jazzy tune….feel free to wear a gown or a suit. If you’re singing frosty….feel free to wear a sweater and cute hat! Just look clean, like you care and like maybe wardrobe possibly dressed you :-)

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